Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site?

This site is an unoffical database for premium Minecraft users with a valid skin. Once a user has been added it can then be viewed via the WebGL renderer or 2d render.

Why is my user here?

A players skin is added to the site when someone searches the name of a premium minecraft account.

Can you add my user?

Feel free to add your own account by searching your minecraft username. However, it may be already added by someone you know.

Can my user be removed?

No user will ever be removed from mcskinsearch.

Can you add my skin?

No. This is not a skin upload site.

Can my skin be downloaded?

Yes, here is an example

How do I download a skin?

Just click the download button when viewing a user.

Who is Djazz?

He is the creator of the Three.js powered WebGL renderer that skins are viewed with. More information about his projects can be found on his website.

Who is Hacksore?

I am the creator and developer of this site.