Is this site affilated with Mojang/Microsoft?

Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated in any way with this MCSkinSearch.

How can I change my skin?

  1. Visit minecraft.net/profile, log in with your Minecraft account email address and password
  2. Choose the skin type (classic or slim)
  3. Drag and drop a skin or click the "select a file" button to locate a skin
  4. Click the "Upload" button

Can you add my user?

Feel free to add your own account by searching your minecraft username. However, it may have be already added by someone you know.

Can my user be removed?

No, if you have a problem with this you are going to have to take it up with Mojang legal.

Can you add my skin?

No, this is not a skin upload site. The only way for you to have your skin appear on this website is to have a premium Minecraft account with a custom skin.

Who is Hacksore?

I am the creator and developer of this site.